• Hardware Infrastructure :

    a) 14 Pentium with colour monitor and Multimedia, one Macintosh Power PC
    b) Two High Resolution Scanners
    c) Epson Colour Inkjet Printer
    d) Dot Matrix Printer
    e) VCR
    f) Video capture card with software to capture video from TV or VCR
    g) Sound Equipments (Synthesizer, mike etc.)
    h) All computers are connected with network Hub.
    i) 2 LG Cd Writers, 1 HP 7200 CD - Writer
    j) 1 ASUS DVD Writer

  • Telephone Facility - 5675675 / 5675676

  • Internet Connections - cst@pn2.vsnl.net.in

  • Work Area - Currently CST is working in around 1000 sq. ft. area located near Senapati Bapat Road. and 1000 sq. ft. area located near Bhandarkar Road.

  • No of Employees : A team of 25 members consisting of Programmers, Animators, Visualisers, Audio Experts, Script Writers and Voice Over Artists